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We, as human beings, have been captivated with gemstones for at least 10,000 years. The same can be said for metals like copper, silver and gold and alloys like bronze and brass. What was once used for dieties and royalty is now far more available to everyone. whether its the colour or the cut, the way it feels to the touch, or the peace it gives you to hold it. History shows we've always loved keeping it close. Jewellery is worn for many reasons; sentimental, spiritual, even physical healing. It is also worn for fashion. The beauty in designing your own pieces is that you can make them and hand them down to you kids or remake them into different pieces. You are putting your own energy into everything you make. The bonus is that you save alot of money on process time, the time spent assembling. Jewellery is a gift for anyone, it's a great reminder, it's therapeutic, it holds stories and adventures, and symbolizes friendship and love. 

Our Story

ISLAND GEM AND BEAD SUPPLY INC. has been an idea in my head for a long long time. I wanted to combine my love of Mother Nature's gifts, gemstones, and their abilities; both healing and creative. I want to teach and share knowledge and positive energies as well the processes that go into designing and making jewellery. You would be suprised how therapeutic 'forming' metal can be.


Creative therapy. There is so much in today's world that stresses us out, and not enough creative venues to let loose. There are not many shops on Vancouver Island that deal in jewellery making and beading supplies and we felt we should fill that need.  Please come on down and check it out. We, as a business, are ready to make a possitive inpact in our community. We want to support LOCAL, local artists, designers, businesses and organizations. We are currently putting together showcases for our students and other designers. Consignment options are available.

Mission Statement

Providing a bright, creative and inspiring space for the Cowichan Valley and Vancouver Island creative communities.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

Saturdays 10 to 5pm

Sundays and Stat Holidays Closed 

After hours Room Rental available for bead nights, bead parties, booked in advance with a deposit

Island Gem and Bead Supply

#2 - 378 Trunk Rd Duncan, BC , V9L 2P6

in the Duncan Plaza Mall

Phone: 250-597-4369 (GEMZ)


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